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File: 1502741785102.jpg (224.65 KB, 640x1136, laura_marie828_2016-07-06_….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

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dump it




nothing new there, but she's a legend regardless


Some videos and images are missing. I most want the videos.


I most want to fuck her up the bum.


Bumb we Need some new wins


Bump for wins


I have her on SC, or thought I did but have yet to see a single story/snap from her since I added her months ago, what is actual SC name?




i want her vids




Glad to see she's got another thread up. Guess the other one died. Here's a link to the Mega containing, to my knowledge, every win we have, videos and all, that I posted in the last thread.





File: 1503438423062-0.jpg (147.49 KB, 640x1136, 1486455003399.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1503438423062-1.jpg (697.19 KB, 639x1138, 1486467387907.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1503438423062-2.jpg (53.93 KB, 640x1136, 1486471079071.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

anything new?


Does even one standing topless exist? All I see here so far she's laying and hiding their real size. They must be epic standing if OP pic is any indication.



You blind? The first photos of the imgur album are standing.


this guy LOL!


pho1us confirmed


File: 1503510057234-0.jpg (35.64 KB, 960x539, D81A5094-92EB-4557-9665-B1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1503510057234-1.jpg (48.16 KB, 540x960, 01617D09-D626-42AE-8DFA-B7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

There you go if you're too lazy to look


File: 1503603187855.jpg (72.47 KB, 454x604, 83843c36-45fd-4c0e-98af-c9….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Bumb for more new stuff


Bump. Here's hoping whoever leaked this last treasure trove goes turncoat again.


Please Post some new stuff .


Some pussy shots?


can someone post her twitter profile pic


File: 1505470862901.jpg (84.38 KB, 721x721, IMG_20170915_111915.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Bump for the birthday girl




Bump it


What's her bra size?


File: 1506482123236.jpg (1022.73 KB, 1080x1350, 21910681_294572704357357_6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Any new nudes? Does she know these leaked?


She's old news


For the guy who posted the mega link, I rotated two of the videos for a better view. If you wanted to bother updating those files.

imgur dot com /a/0aLuH


I just rotate them in VLC


File: 1508465682309.jpg (52.07 KB, 538x960, EUdibYj.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


one of the fucking hottest girls ever period. jesus christ. even after those heroic leaks, i still crave more.


I have new pics. Give me a few days..


If you have her tits and face in the same pic you'll be a god.


I don't unfortunately. I may have an older picture with her face covering her tits with her hand



Post the new content!


She shows her face and tits in the same pic and we'll all fucking die from dehydration we'll cum so much


Post em! We’d all appreciate it I think


I doubt theres new content. Unless she breaks up with that douche shes dating again which is probably the one that leaked all those wins.


Post the new wins


Post the new stuff!


For the love of god, bump!


Jesus Christ there isn't new wins. It's over


How can people so dumb and arrogant at the same time?

Ten photos ago people say stupid shit: Theres no wins. I know. I know the future.

Fucking dumbass


Last bump from me….. for a while




Bump. Because it would be a shame if this chick vanished from here.
Any new wins?


She is a goddess, jesus


bump….whatever happened to the dude that would get back to us in a few days



^^^^^ two new photos and a video added to this


you sure, they all look like what we've seen


Some are new.


Nothing is new. Says up top the shit is from February. Stop it.


Just cause they are the same to her other poses. Doesn’t mean they are not new. They are maybe from the same time, but have never been posted


Laura, you make me cum so much


Laura, i love you!


She is so sexy


Back to the top we go!


I was the one that dumped them all last time. Sadly I got a new phone and when I switched it, it never backed up my pictures. So I lost EVERYTHING.




Some of those are fucking new! Any more?


File: 1511838686722.webm (1.25 MB, 360x640, Snapchat-275315736_1_.webm) ImgOps Google

Dunno if her



Hoooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiiit bruh WHERE DID U FIND THIS?!?!


Not her.


If its not her then who is it she is sexy



It is ABSOLUTELY HER, you blind/retarded ASPERGERS-HAVING-FAGGOT! Jesus H Christ on a crucifix. You can clearly see her face…those tits are unmistakable… same arm-wear/bracelets, phone, bathroom, you KNUCKLE-DRAGGING, DICKLESS, TWATISH CUNT!!



Not sure if gay attention-seeking troll or just retard but obviously not her.


That's not her at all. I know her IRL.


It'd be nice to believe this was Laura, but I don't see it. She's got similar lips and a similar nose, but her face shape is different. Laura also has a dark freckle under her right breast, and I honestly (though hard to believe) think this girl's breasts are a little bigger and fuller than Laura's.

Still a good win. Source?


Oh, and I'm 100% sure she's never had a Samsung phone.






that girl has a tat on her right elbow dont think its her


Anyone have something new?




So were there other pictures?


Wins of Laura - Imgur

Tons of wins and a bunch of gifs in that album


File: 1514475335575.jpeg (578.2 KB, 2576x1932, 8B390D63-BA5B-4498-A594-A….jpeg) ImgOps Google

I have bj pix and vids of her.
Kik me msosso91


need more proof to know its her.


Whoever has bought them Please share! 🙏🏻


Noone will be buying for the price that guys asking


It really is her though! *Mind blown*


Messaged the guy who has them, he sent me two "confirm" pics. Neither of which gave a clear pic of face, only one pic even had her face and it was blurry and from the side. Looks similar to Laura but definitely can't confirm. Wouldn't write off as fake though


File: 1514495213380-0.jpg (33.06 KB, 539x960, f20157ad-327a-4def-b0e9-e9….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1514495213380-1.jpg (88.39 KB, 800x1000, 21148077_132902863988079_3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Look at the rings! This shit looks real to me!


Wow wasn't sent that. Did you get them?


No but hopefully soon. The price is hella steep!



Please tell me it's true!


Now we play the waiting game.


My heart is beating out of my chest I'm so fucking hard to see her get to work on some cock.


Can you at least tell us what she does with the sperm in the end? I'd love to see her face coated. I'd love to see those tits coated.

So many possibilities


The gods smile on us


v___file fc5yyaf4


Cant open the vfile


How does this work?


It's vola brehs



Rooms down or links busted, not working for me


Or you're fucking retarded. I'll take option C.

Anyway, don't bother. It's some hoarderfag with the following message:

"So you guys want some new Hardcore Laura E.

Well sadly it's gonna cost you.
I am selling 25 pics, Some bj, pussy shots, cum on tits, full nude with face.
2 vids. One 30 seconds. One over 3 mins. Both bj vids.

I am selling all of this collectively.

2 Places to Pay…

PayPal or CirclePay

Kik msosso91 for details…


I'd love to see cum all over her lipless smile. Wouldn't be bad to see her open her asshole for us either.


Get the vids and more will come.


Guess this beats working at Olive Garden and standing on your feet all day, huh Lala?


Whoever gets these vids
Needs to make a mega and post it on here
You will be the GOAT


v__a file. org /r/ fc5yyaf4

For those that have no idea what the code is there's the deciphered code. Just fill in an o and l then get rid of all the spaces


Is this really what she needs to do to get money for her pup to get neutered. What a little slut


File: 1514525603747-0.jpeg (53.94 KB, 539x392, AB798F5C-1274-4E9D-B454-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1514525603747-1.jpeg (22.77 KB, 539x293, 159B4632-03BD-4529-BF02-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google

File: 1514525603747-2.jpeg (22.99 KB, 539x298, 4FDC911F-A15D-46B9-93D9-B….jpeg) ImgOps Google

From volefile


Cute cocksucking whore


there is always one guy trying to sell shit. ALWAYS


Don't hate on broke people plz


Fuck that. No one buy anything. If you want to make money you're gunna have to start sucking dicks just like her, fag.


As far as I am concern you can take the vids, pics and whatever you are selling of her and shove it up your motherfu¨¨ ass up the hole you fag. Once and 4 all we need to get rid of these bastards trying to get money of girls.Either you share or I could give a shit how amazing the girl is no one is going to buy a shit of you.


Guys please donate to my kik so I can afford weed and alcohol this week. My minimum wage job doesn't allow me do shit :(


Yeah the guy who had her original wins tried selling too. They'll leak just a matter of time.


Lol you guys are morons. Why the hell should the guy share anything with any of you? You are all just random strangers on the net. Why does he owe you anything? He’s the one who put the effort in to get those pics and vids. If I had enough money then I’d def buy them. So if anyone is willing to chip in with me to raise the money that he’s asking for then email me, jmst412@gmail.com


So dude that hooked up w her. Did you pay her? Date her? Ex gf?


Ya u guys are just all morans!!!! This cuck sent money to her/another cuck for the pictures so why should his extremely stressful & hard work go to waste? I can barely afford free porn so please just send the money to my paypal BigDickPittsburghNerd412@aol.com all money is guaranteed to go to her and not pills. Ty


What’s a moran?


It's easy bait for stupid people


Just bought them. He’s definitely legit. I’ve never seen any of these posted. And she really knows how to work a cock!


Who gave you the money?


They said it was cool to post them. Share and be a hero.



Give us a webm sample of those skills that clearly shows her face and I'll gladly throw a few bucks in to reimburse you.


scontent-mia3-1.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/e35/17661894_448908242115787_5945034202876477440_n.jpg if you look at this pic the mole on her face and neck line up with the moles from the second pic from boss here >>51039


How much?


How much did you pay?


My cock hurts to see this bitch get to work


Just make a mega with the vids


Post that beauty up!




Need a hero asap


It's on vola right now :) Happy New year



which vola?


did he say the price or do you have to get it on kik?





400 files there, shouldn't take too long to look at all of them /s


i'm not seeing anything on there


Is it the vola v__a file. org /r/ fc5yyaf4 ?
Nothing there has changed. Where are these 400 pics? What’s the status on the guy who actually bought the new pics and vids?


My status is: I paid for them,why the hell would i share them with a bunch of random pervs for free?


Could we get a repost of them on the vola?


Maybe you’re a really nice guy or keep to a really awesome Bro Code. I’m broke, so I’m missing out. But a tasting is always nice.


Why should you share w a bunch of pervs?

Bc you surf this site right next to all the pervs viewing and saving 1000s of photos which they have shared.

Many awesome finds occur on this site.

All shared for free.

In fact you may have got your 1st wins of this girl right in this thread. If not, many others have been shared here.

This site is all about sharing.


The pics aren't on the vola /boobs or the /fc5yyaf4 one. So everyone can stop worrying. If there are pics and vids I'm sure they'll be leaked eventually.


Haha. Well if I got them for free then I’d share them, mr. righteousness. But i paid for them, therefore they are mine. #idiot


I ask to her on Instagram and she sells porn videos of her.


Bullshit send proof


Does she know others are capitalizing off of her? Because I’d give her money if she would reply to my dm’s haha. Screw the middle man go straight to the source


You guys are so fucking stupid. You realize that if she find out about this then there will be no more win ever? Fucking retards.


I’d watch if she did porn and a lot of it. But going straight to the source is a fucking dumb move. She’s not a camgirl or with cosmid or something. These have been snapchats and boyfriend videos. It’s safe to say that whoever is leaking these photos (probably Lucas, lets be honest) is not doing it with her permission. You go to the source, you’re going to scare her off. And probably inspire some feminist rant on Facebook. Then we’ll be left cranking it to old pictures until she goes on vacation and uploads an awesome bikini pick.


Or she finds out her nudes been leaked and she disappears off all social media for goof like Claire abbott


I thought about this and I would still rather pay her. Her nudes have been out there for a year and I would bet she knows. She posts enough on her IG for me to get off anyway.


why pay a guy that’s been hoarding these for a year and is now selling it off probably because he can’t get off to it anymore


Yes I’m sure it was


Why I can't download?


Don't be stupid



Msosso91 on kik


you suck dude with your fake ass link


I don't have Kik :(


How much?


I will post to her your Kik. It's illegal. I hope she will call the police.


Getting out those big guns, huh? Just a heads up, things will probably end up worse for everyone on this site. But go ahead and be the whistleblower on this guy. I’m bored. I wash my hands of this. I’m going out to buy scotch for New Years. Peace.


Someone come through with the wins





Does she open her cunt in any of the pics?


She getting kinda ugly now but those tits are amazing


Face it… There's a troll among us.


Welcome to the Internet man. What was your first clue?


What is the Price ?


Will do send kiks and I will add


Ban the selling asshole causing problems on a sharing site.


What is your name, if you are selling for cheap because oc is trying to sell it for a hundred like a dumb ass


Leseller is my kik


File: 1514745613700.jpg (47.14 KB, 399x226, 457JP8VL.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




her porn will make you a millionaire


Do you get to see her asshole in any of the pics?


Some hc girls in a cup action.




she now has a subreddit



Is Lucas the old boyfriend or the current one?


He's the clean-shaven cock she has in her mouth. The one who's exploiting and profiting off of her giant juggs.


Who is selling?


Dont let this Die I wanna buy the vids





F ton

https: //m.imgur.com/a/YlL9Z




I think she’s single again. Any sign of the boyfriend on her fb is gone


Oh my God, she’s single. Revenge photo dump imminent!


I wouldn’t get my hopes up yet, he just made a sad sack IG post about losing her. He’ll probably hold off until he gets over it. Wonder if he got dumped for leaking the BJ stuff.


Well what happened was that a couple of cretins in here took it upon themselves to tell Laura what has happened probably hoping for a Thank You fuck, not gonna happen guys, which resulted in her breaking up with her bf, cutting off the source and stopping any new win going forward. So congrats to whoever it was *Slow Clap*


These faggot ass white knights. Theyre in love with these chicks lol. They dont realize they dont give 2 fucks about them.


Cant assume it was a person from here.

Other sites post. As well it could be some person she knows that came across this.

Or even she googled her own name and didnt want to admit it.


Called it


Might as well just drop them now since the source won’t be sending more


You guys are hopeless. First hint at bad news and you give up. sheesh get a fkn life.

First Rule of fight club? No I mean porn rule. R34.



OHHH YEAAAH MAN you my hero



Fake…Rick Roll.





File: 1515454673945.gif (9.17 KB, 592x503, Troll.gif) ImgOps Google


"You guys are hopeless. First hint at bad news and YOU GIVE UP. sheesh get a fkn life.

First RULE of fight club? No I mean porn RULE. R34."

You know the rules and so do I.




Just someone post the vids


Why can't we all just come together and share the vids


Because one fag gets 3 inches of solid steel that he has to touch furiously between his legs when he gets attention from male strangers on the internet


Well she back together with the ex


Good shit. Maybe that means more win. Did anyone actually confirm that someone leaked to her that the new stuff came out?


lol more win. we're not even getting this old win. meh.


anyone interested in pooling a few dollars together to get the full sum?

post your kik here and i'll message you.

if you cant afford anything, maybe I'll share for free once I'm able to afford them.

leave your kik people.


anybody still selling these? anyone have any idea how much they're going for?


Has anyone bought these yet?

Someone be a hero and share.

Msosso91 on kik is selling these win! Come on someone


I bought them off Leseller on kik for cheap
3 vids 25 pics


File: 1515890017085-0.gif (1.42 MB, 360x202, laurae1.gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1515890017085-1.gif (939.23 KB, 360x202, laurae2.gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1515890017085-2.gif (629.92 KB, 360x202, laurae3.gif) ImgOps Google


how's that heart?


without seeing her face and knowing it's her this is just low quality amateur porn



it's from this set, in this bedroom.



i see no link between those gifs and anything that actually confirms it's her


File: 1515893948149.gif (3.34 MB, 360x202, lauraemole&egglpant.gif) ImgOps Google


look again on those pics. same sheets. same mirror.

check the neck mole on this gif.


the face looks nothing like her, and "same sheets" is meaningless when they're just a plain color and can't be seen in detail - how many girls do you think own a set of pink bedsheets?



i think you're the guy trying to sell them.

i'm about to post them all, and more.


the only reason to believe that any of what you have is her is because you say so, but do whatever you want



check vola.



You're kidding right, it's clearly her. Any person not half blind can see that


It's her alright….

MVP to the uploader of the gifs.


hey more tiny gifs where you can't clearly see anything, is this all the material you have or something?


> see anything, is this all the material
FUCK! I'm cumming all over the place!



Post them and you'll be a hero!


more are being dropped on vola


Post the uncensored!


to the guy posting the gifs - what's your goal in posting such a tiny amount of heavily censored material? are you actually just trying to sexually tease other men or is there a point to this?


This is a heck of a foreplay but I have faith he'll drop the goods and we'll drop more loads!


What's the vola room? (not boobs)


Someone dropped a few (shitty quality) wins and gifs of a girl who may or not be laura on vola then deleted them shortly after.


I wouldn't call them "wins". More like "near wins"


The gifs are kinda creepy? What kind of weirdo teases other dudes


It was Lucas himself. He probably didn't want us to see his cock


File: 1515902727084.gif (3.25 MB, 360x202, LAURA_Euncensoredpreview.gif) ImgOps Google



That cock looks at home in her mouth






Thanks mysterious hero. Hope you come back to town with more good news soon



hero? All I saw was a guy trying to tease and sell his kik content


The pics and gifs are such shit quality it's hard to tell who the girl is. It could be anyone. The one pic he did post didn't even look like laura


Literally has the same cheek and neck mole. And in the last gif he posted she was wearing the same peace ring from pics above. its her


anyone get spread eagle or tits with cum on them pic?


was just told by a reliable source that laura's pics and videos are up on an old claire abbott vola somewhere….

if anyone has anything bookmarked…. we need this….


check out /boobs


File: 1515914243135.jpeg (118.95 KB, 750x1334, 117054DC-0EDD-4350-B8E4-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Just post it here.


dumb question.


v o l a f i l e


not there


vol cgzq0k6r

You’re welcome.


oh boy more creepy teasing shit

the amount of time you've put into editing these clips is seriously fucking weird dude





Where's that 3 minute BJ?


soooo anyone want to post?


3 min video is up.

don't mean to spoil it… but he cums in her mouth.


up where?


wanna see it




Was it up on the vola? Someone repost


The link doesn't work someone should upload them to Mega.


What link? Where is it?


Has anyone bought these yet?

Someone be a hero and share.

Msosso91 on kik is selling these win! Come on


repost please!


the hero keeps getting his posts deleted and banned. they are up for a few seconds. barely enough time to view, let aloe download.

he posed the 3 min video and it lasted about 15 seconds before the mods deleted it.

he's willing to give it out. so its only a matter of time


some of the win is still on v 0 l a though.

but not the 3 min video


File: 1516073411291-0.png (480.75 KB, 1268x717, Laure 3 min Tease 1.png) ImgOps Google

File: 1516073411291-1.png (763.63 KB, 1273x718, Laure 3 min Tease 2.png) ImgOps Google


repost the 3 min to vola


Well thanks to the photo in the bg of the cumshot we know for sure that Lucas is the guy who took and dispersed the pics.

Partyvans mounted



what do you mean?


So where is this 3 minute video everyone speaks of?


That’s Lucas alright. I got the scoop.

Someone hacked into his Google drive where he kept all the pics and vids. Haha. Jackass


So did anyone save the video?


bump for new



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